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Group trips in France & abroad

Tailor-made group trips : together, let’s design the trip that suits your needs

You will find here a selection of SILC International most popular destinations and stays for group trips abroad, through several pedagogical and interactive themes. However, this list of samples is not restrictive, and our team shall design, with you, a tailor-made trip suited to your group’s needs : juniors, adults, seniors, families, combination of destinations, specific educational themes … In addition, you can contact us for information and suggestions!

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You plan to come in France or in another European country? Let’s choose where will be your next group tour among these destinations:

Group trips in France

Completing your stay with French classes allows mixing the discovery of a city or a region with language lessons. It gives an even more practical aspect to the stay and prolongs the learning of the French language.

SILC offers various destinations, and others on demand : see below our programs to discover the normandie region, Paris, Nantes, Lyon, Lille, Angoulême or Tours.

Group trips in France

Other destinations

Group tour in Germany

Choose Germany as your destination and enjoy discovering dynamic cities like Berlin and Munich. You can have an idea of what SILC is possible to offer with the samples below. Feel free to contact us for more information, since we like to construct each program as an unique and personalized tour.

Group tour in Great Britain

Great Britain is a very popular destination, cherished by students from all over the world. Give your group the chance to discover mythical cities like London, Oxford and Cambridge. Have a look at the tour samples we created and let yourself be inspired to design with us your own program.

Group tour in Italy

Rome, Venice… You can give your students a chance to admire the most beautiful places of Italy, through Antiquity and Renaissance periods. Let history, culture and architecture be your guides, and SILC be your advisor. Together we will create the best possible tour.

Group tour in Ireland

Ireland is a trendy destination, famous for many historical places and vibrant cities. For example, we can integrate in our tours cities like Dublin, Galway, Kikenny and Waterford. In addition, our programs propose places like Trinity College or the Connemara Park. Let yourself be surprised by the beauty of Ireland. Check our samples below and let us know about your projects.

Group tour in Spain

Plan an excursion in Spain for your group, and you can be sure that they will remember it ! We propose samples below of tours in Madrid and Barcelona, two of the most popular destinations of Spain. We like to hear suggestions and are eager to advise you on the building of your tour. Let’s discuss your project!

You have another group trip project? Let us know!