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School Integration : new formula!

SILC proposes a new formula for groups: integration into school in France. The principle: generally for 2 to 4 weeks, the group of young foreign students will come to experience and be totally immersed in the French school system.

These trips are available only to large French cities as they enable a simultaneous cultural experience; therefore, you can choose a stay in Paris and its surroundings or in Tours, Nantes or Lyon.

The School Integration Programme can be designed à la carte and is therefore adaptable according to your wishes. Here is a typical course of a week of school integration:

French daily school calendar

Every morning from Monday to Friday the students in the group are welcomed into a French school (high school or Lycée according to their age). A French teacher will provide lessons in French as a Foreign Language (FFL) so that they may progress in their written and oral comprehension and spoken French.

In the lunch break, they will meet in the school canteen where the young foreign students will mix with the other French students; a good way of gently getting to know each other and encouraging interaction.

In the afternoon, the foreign students will be divided into different classes in one or several schools depending on the number of students

and the schools’ reception capacity. They will follow the same timetable as the French students: thus, they may take part in lessons in maths, sciences, English, music, sport,…

On Wednesday afternoons the French students do not have lessons, however activities can be organised for the foreign students.

→ After school (usually 17:30 at High school), the young foreign students will go back to their host family using either public transport or on foot, or with one of the host parents depending on the family’s organisation. Only 1 or 2 foreign students will be hosted in each family so as to encourage conversation in French. They will eat and sleep in the family’s home.

Saturday may be a day when the group gets together for local visits, excursions or group activities.

→ Sundays are spent with the host family.

These programmes are possible all year round, outside of the school holiday periods – see the 2023-2024 French school calendar below:

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