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Michelle’s school stay in France: Episode 2

Two months after her arrival in France, Michelle continues her story and tells us about her life in France.  (Read her first testimonial).


SILC | Hello Michelle! Tell us: what did you do during the 2-week Autumn half-term holiday?

The first week I met up with a friend who lives near me and who is also spending a year at school in France with SILC.  She comes from Thailand, and we met during the stay in Paris. It’s great because I was able to meet friends from all over the world. We walked, we talked a lot and she showed me around her local town.
Then on the weekend I went with my host family to their pretty second home in Mégevette in the Haute Savoie region, about half an hour from Cluses. We go there often on weekends.
The second week we went to the Dordogne, a region in the west of France, about 600 km from us. There we met up with my host’s older sister and the parents of my host father who live there.  I really like my host’s older sister; we talk and laugh a lot. We went for a short walk which was lovely because the countryside is very pretty and the weather was lovely.

Region of France Dordogne

SILC | You have now been in France for 2 months, how do you feel about the French language?

It’s still difficult, and I make lots of mistakes but it’s already better. I understand a little more when the teachers are talking and I have less difficulty in writing. Sometimes in English lessons the French words come to mind before the English words: I think that means progress!  There are still many things that I do not understand, but I do feel better with the language.

SILC | How are you coping with being separated from your family and friends?

For me it is going very well. I am not homesick. I am often in contact with my family and friends: my best friends and I write to each other and I talk to my parents on Skype. That’s good; in that way I do not feel that I am far from them. In my opinion every young person has to find the way that is the most suitable for them.

SILC | Do you do any activities outside of school?

Yes, I play handball and basketball on Wednesday afternoons. I really like these two activities and when you do something outside school you can meet other young people. Also, they are all really nice.”

SILC | What are the things that you like a lot in France?

I like the diversity of the French landscape. Personally I love nature and that’s why I find it very pretty here. I live in a town in the mountains, but where we were during the holidays it was very green with no mountains.
I also like the mentality of the French people: many people are so open and happy.  And also I like very much French desserts and the bread; it’s really good.  At Lycée in the canteen, the meals offered are very varied, and that’s great. Also, I think it’s really good that we always eat dinner together as a family (even if we eat quite late).


Once again thank you, Michelle, and we look forward to reading more of your adventures soon!